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Hey everyone. Finished building my sons' costume (mostly) and have been working on my own for several months. Just bought a really great set of MLC armor from someone on the board only to find that it is too small for me (I am 6ft 3in tall and about 200lbs). Does anyone know which armor will work for me? I can make it out of Sintra like I did my son's but would like to get something more accurate (and frankly less time consuming).

Thx (y)
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It is kinda hard for us tall guys. I am 6'5" and when I wore my armor it looked like a bikini. Hence I have moved on to TK and TC.
Yeah, been giving some thought to stopping work on BF and just getting a trooper suit to go with my Vader. I love Fett and have gotten a lot of great parts from members of the community, but still need a better helmet, some armor and better gauntlets. :cry

It looks like the MOW gauntlets might be a good size for me, so that's one problem solved. And, I guess the BM armor - of course it would have to be all the most expensive parts... :lol:

Oh well, all great stuff from great people!
Ok, skip that last post of mine, I can't stop with my Fett - I don't care how tall I am!!!! Are there any other tall (6'2" and up) people who have the BM armor? How does the cod attach to the butt on that? It does not look like it goes all the way around in the pics...
You can look just fine and be tall as you want! I am 6' 5" and I think I look fine in my gear. I have FP V2 armor. He was kind enough to make an extra long abb plate for me. Its about .125-.25" in length longer then the normal ones. I see no reason why he cant offer this as part of a set for you if you were to buy a set of armor?

Here is a pic of my armor and what it looks like on me.

Wow Even, yeah that looks great! Ok, I wil contact Spidey and see if he still has molds for the larger ab plate. Thanks!
FP version 2 armor works great. Its a bit bigger than FP version 1. I'm 6'2" and it works just fine for me.
I'm 6'4" and have BM's armor. Works really well for me! I'm pretty slim and the butt and cod pieces do not join up on me! MOW Gauntlets are great for taller guys and amazing pieces of craftsmanship.
I was doing a vader but couldnt afford to juggle 2 high dollar costumes of that magnintude with recent medical bills sadly. :) But its still a goal.
Yeah, was just looking at the thread with the gauntlet size comparisons and I think the older MOW gauntlets will be perfect, if I can find a pair.

Yeah, already have a Vader, which I will be wearing at C4. I hear ya Evan - but the Vader pails in comparison with the cost of a good BF costume. I think you can do a pretty good Vader for about $1,200 (if you don't get the real leather suit). A good BF could easily set you back double that.

I was originally looking at doing a stormtrooper, but decided not to because of the cost - what a fool I was! :lol:
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