Are there spats for ESB?


Hey there, I was wondering is there ankle spats for the ESB Boba Fett? It looks a like shorter spat just around the ankle, or is that piece part of the jumpsuit? All of your input and wisdom would be very helpful.

Thanks alot,
Thanks MrFett, I wanted to convert my skygunbro ROTJ jumpsuit to a ESB and sky's has an ankle velcro strap mid ankle on the suit so I will just move it down to the bottom. Bobamaker is making some ESB pocket flaps for my sky jumpsuit. Then I guess I will dye the suit with royal blue and pearl gray RIT Dye. So I guess it is not an extra strip of material it is actually attached to the jumpsuit itself?
You could probably do it either way....just attach the middle section of the strip to the jumpsuit leg, or make a long piece of extra cloth to use.
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