Are there any downfalls to casting in fiberglass?


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I'm casting my Shocktrooper helmet. I am going to try polyester and fiberglass to do this. I am also gonna try a fast curing Urethane resin aswell.
Can anyone let me know of any downfalls of casting a helmet in fiberglass and polyester?

Thanks guys


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Uhm, yes. Your braincells ;) I only have a limited number left after all these years :lol:

On a more serious note .. there really aren't any. They're strong. Will last forever if taken care of
properly. It's just a messy process.

I'd be more concerned with urethane plastic. It will kick the crap out of your lungs, and most ppl develop an alergy
to it eventually. I sure did :lol: But it''s easy to slush cast. REAL easy. The problem is, much like the old mystery helmets,
the urethane gets brittle after a while.

Hope that helps.