Anyone used a silver "marker" to paint the small scratchs???

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I picked up a fine tipped (it is actually a micro tipped by "Sharpie" standards) "Prismacolor" metallic silver pen at "Michaels" craft store this weekend and was going to try it for some of the micro small scratchs on the bucket.......anyone tried this and if so can it be sealed?????

I know it's considered ink,but it is so much like paint I thought I could have a little more control with it........"Sharpie" even has pens in fine point.Testors has paint pens,but the tips are way too big for bucket detailing.


I might try it on my practice gauntlets first.........
Yep, micke used one of those silver brush pens that you squeeze the paint onto the brushlike tip. I believe it was by "Pentel" and there were different thicknesess.

It turned out amazing btw.


Rogue Studios wrote:

Yes some of them work great. I think Micke used one on his but I'm not sure.
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Used one on my second helmet and keep kicking myself for spray painting the first one then scraping for the scratchs. worked great and less mess.

Yeah, i used those. They are called Edding 780 paintmarkers.
I Pilot makes good Silver pens too. They work fine and the pen tips come in different sizes:)

Pics below:

Here you can see the result:


I believe you can paint them on as easily with silverpaint and a brush. The biggest trick is just to watch the reference pics carefully;)

AWESOME PICS micke!! Looks like it's a go to use then by the input :) I should've bought the broader marker to use also while I had it in hand at the store.

After the silver scratch's are on, the helmet is mostly done so have you all rubbed your buckets down (I couldn't say helmets in that phrase :lol:) with the scotchbrite pad after the silver or before ?? ......or at all for that matter?

Thanks a million guys

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