Anyone repainted a Riddel Boba helmet?


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Hi guys

Ive just got today and Boba Riddel helmet and another coming soon, i was thinking of repainting the second more movie acurate.

Has anyone else repainted theres and would love to see some pics



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That's my Riddell Jango on Jez's site. Actually, that was my second Jango. The other one I had is now in Japan adorning someone's abode. I was going to make more, but interest has dropped off for Jango, and even Boba stuff lately. Even the once exorbitant Riddell Boba prices are now quite reasonable.

As far as how hard it is to take apart, it's not all that hard. The most difficult part is the visor. It's glued in. So be patient and pry gently, it will come out eventually. The earpiece holding the rangefinder stalk pry's off rather easily. The rest of the ear pieces can come off, but wouldn't suggest trying; decent masking will do the job.

Good luck and if you need any other hints LMK.

I just got mine in and taken apart. Like Uber said, the earcap and RF pop off rather easily. The dome comes off with the 4 screws in the top. I haven't tried taking out the visor yet. Fear may keep it in and just masked with tape.
I plan on doing this one like my wife's helmet, one Jodo and one Jango.

I plan on doing Jodo and one Jango.

I can't wait to see that Jodo!!! That should be cool. If I had better pics of Jaster, I'd do that one.

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Howdy guys!
I am also thinking of converting my Riddell into a .
I have taken a look at the helmet interior and located a total of 6 screws, 2 for the visor and 4 for the helmet top.
I havent tried popping the ears off yet.
Can anyone tell me the order of steps to take so that the helmet can be taken apart?
Boba Swede said:
Someone was making plaster recast of the riddel helmets and selling them a while back... 6 months or so ago....??

Check with I mean geoffett here on the forum he was the one that recasted the mini helmet among a few other things.
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