Anyone making metal shin tools? (any of them)


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I know ebay is typically a no no as far as fett stuff is concerned but there's a guy from Argentina that is selling metal shin tools and toe spikes that look pretty good. Some of the other items look a little... eh.. but I actually pulled the trigger on said metal parts and will let you know when they arrive of you'd like.


Anything you're looking for specifically?






I made parts out of my real parts I purchased and made my own stylus brushes out of a xacto knife handle that is pretty close to the specs. I have TONS of casts I made and aside from the sonic beam weapon (can 3d print one though if needed) I could sell you the other parts shown in the photos for pretty cheap, they were cast in smooth-on 300 and just need some work to look good.


The original bits are really cheap otherwise. I got the meal styluses from Machinecraft on here, the rest was as per the original. The metal tube I just got an aluminium pipe off eBay and cut it to the right length.


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Thanks shenphong! I actually have all of those parts already (made from the Patterson tools, etc.), but I am looking for anyone who might be making them in metal/aluminum.


np! metal bits are the way to go for durability, I needed to make these for at least 3 costumes so it helped me keep things cheap.


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Are you looking for metal Paterson pieces??? Or just the ones that aren't Paterson . The stylus brush really should be the only metal part unless you want a metal tube as well.