Anyone know how much MR Jango Blasters cost when they came out?


naa, they pretty much all go for 500-800 if they come with the case, etc. sometimes you can find just the pistold for around 4-500. but folks arent letting them go as often.

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i paid $349.00 plus shipping and it is number 1165. i think i decided to buy it because they were reduced. which i know for a fact but i dont recall the regular price. i bought 'em august 2004.


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Thanks Ionepigeon!
I just purchased a set on Ebay today for $550 shown as the most recently ending auction on! seems like a pretty good resource to gauge the current value of the blasters other then the fact that they count the auctions with cracked cases and missing COA's into the same average value as the mint and sealed in the box ones.I think I got a fair price considering mine are sealed in the original box.