Anyone heard from Woodman?


Hi everyone,

Has anyone heard from Woodman the past couple months?

Last he messaged me regarding an order was March 24th.

No responses to my messages since.

Hope he is well.


He quoted me a turnaround of 4 weeks on January 2nd.

I received my items 1st April.

What I received cannot be faulted. Amazing quality.

I wasn’t too happy with the delay and long periods between communication. I understand people are busy with life stuff sometimes.


New Hunter
I ordered the braids, cape, and girth belt April 10th and the ammo belt May 4th. He was going to ship out the first 3 items but I added the ammo belt to my order right before so it delayed him shipping it. Last I heard back was May 9th. He doesn't message much but will every few days.