Any1 wear glasses and have a Bobahelm?

trooper rushmore

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OK, I got a mystery Helm made of fiberglass. It's about 10% larger then the don post deluxe. And there is still no way I am gonna be able to wear my glasses with this on. I have a few Ideas but they make the helm unwearable to anyone else but me and will restrict my vision even further then the helm does. Has any1 had this issue? Am I the only vision impared Fett? Also, Is it me or does the fiberglass helm seem very fragile? I plan on adding quite a bit of additional fiberglass to the interior to strengthen it. But I was suprised at how fragile it seems. Any1 else experience this? :confused

Yroc Yar

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i do think that my helmet is a little fragile as well . putting the visor in did seam to help , but i would like to add more fiberglass to it .

second , i wear glasses but i put in my contacts with my helmet on . if you are not into contacts , another way would be to order some " ranger glasses " .

they are made of black rubber , kinda like swimming goggles .i have fire fighter buddies that wear them under there scba mask and they work great . i suppose they would work for under a fett helmet as well . i will post a pic and info if i can find it .

later , cory

Bull Fett

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Those are wicked cool! Not bad priced either!
Luckily for me, I have John Lennon type glasses. Small round lenses, that fit pretty tight to my face, and in my eyesockets, so they don't protrude too much away from my face. Wire wraparound earpieces too, so they stay nice and snug on my face.
BCD's hahaha, I got a pair in bootcamp but kept them in my drawer. Only time I used them was for shooting, I'd take them out of my pocket last minute.