Any Ideas on the base of my helm?

Lynn TXP 0369

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It definitely has the flat top of the Target helmet range finder, not sure if the Rubies Supreme has a flat top or not.


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don't think that a target brand would have a working LED in the range finder.
It wouldn't be too hard putting the LEDs in though. I don't think any helmet comes with LEDs other than the MR replica. Everything else comes as a kit...


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That's a Target/Rubies for sure.

Short R/F stalk and flat R/F top, squared-off stalk reciever, large dent, etc.

The Rubies Supreme (pre-Target) had lights, but I think the rangefinder had the more accurate slanted "outside" shape.


Unless it really is a Rubies Supreme, I'm chiming in with everyone else on Target 2015. The dent, flattened dome, keyslots, ear patterns, and especially the stalk and RF give it away. The topper can be unscrewed so installing LEDs wouldn't be too difficult.


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In light of this lol I have sold lol building a full suit will post soon hopefully soon I can post things in Cargo hold wont let me atm =[?


Have to agree, this is a target helmet (painted one ESB style myself) with new lights installed. I'm very familiar with it. Or the Rubies supreme, which I have been led to believe is the same helmet, with lights already installed.

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Rubies based on that RF topper...same difference as the target helmet...its plastic not worth more then $20