Any ideas on a way to make a good metal mando helmet?


Jr Hunter
I'm working on building some custom armor. I have no problem making the armor plates, but... I need help on the helmet. I can make the front and back fairly easy, the RF stalk also, the RF it's self is basicaly a small box, but... the dome is what escapes me. My idea is to solider all of it together and I can cut the visor out of plexi-glass and bend it but still need that dome. Any suggestions?
you could either take an old steel-helmet of the army. ( i bet you get a cheap and rust-free on ebay for less then 20 bucks)


or you you take a thin sheet of alloy and repoussé it with a hammer

you may not understand a single word, but i guess the pictures shall show you the thing
The helmets a good idea, but how would I cut it? I mean I know of ways to cut it, but I don't have any good power tools to do it with. Most of my tools consist of hand tools not power tools. Any suggestions how?

The other idea is good as well (I actualy did think of that) but my problem with that is I don't have some of the tools to do this (although I may, I'll just have to look, but I dout it), but thanks for the suggestions I will certanly knock these ideas about.
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Your making metal armor and dont have the tools to cut or weld? That seems like a bad combination for injuring yourself. Why does it have to be metal really? Alot of work and you have a metal helmet, a have you worn a heavy helmet for a while ever? When I wear my kevlar for long periods it SUCKS. Its neccessary so I put up with it but it SUCKS. Wearing a fiberglass helmet is ALOT better than anything heavier trust me. Maybe check out a cold cast helmet frrom Asok, or other fiberglass or resin helmets.
I see what you mean, but I do have the tools to cut and weld (although I don't weld vary well) but as I stated in my first post I plan to solider it together and as to cuting it I can cut thin metal, mine is aluninum (or tin) I think and is'nt much thicker than a 16th of an inch and cuts easily with tinsnips I can grind the edges down so as not to cut myself. Do understand now?:confused
Most would agree that this hobby requires some powertools... a high speed cutting tool at the very least like a.Dremel... I have a Black and Decker one since 2006... and I paid less than $30.
A helmet purely made from aluminium is lighter than a fiberglass helmet and won't crack when falling down. You probably shouldn't make an elephant sit on it, but under normal con-conditions and transport, they hold together well.

Welding of aluminum is a tricky thing, I'm not sure if soldering would be possible at all. But none of that is neccessary. The facial area can be dished from one piece. The gap between facial area and dome is covered up optically and actually a good thing for natural ventilation.

A jigsaw costs about 13 Eur a set. A good dishing hammer about 20 Eur. A riveting tool 15-25 Eur (you can probably work around it with wire and bolts). You will need a dremel or better a drilling machine for the inner cuts and to set the rivets... but actually, every household should have a drilling machine, otherwise: how do you fix your lights and shelves?!
I do have a few power tools such as: a dremel, a drill, a grinder, and a few others, but they are realy not adequate to cut "thick" metal such as a steel helmet. Also my neibor has some larger tools he will let me use (if I have to) but I'd prefer to do it all my self. Although I don't know if he has any thing to cut a steel helmet ither. But I gess I'll have to see.
A few folks on Mercs have done metal helmets. Handschuab I believe? A couple years back cast solid aluminum helmets. I think there are one or two for sale there but, they aint cheap.

Other folks have used the WoF templates and used thin aluminum or thin steel sheeting, cut them out and assembled them. Some welded, some epoxied.

Biggest complaint I hear about metal helemts is they are either VERY heavy or so lightweight they are on the flimsy side. Also, thin metal conducts heat like no other. They are much hotter to wear than a resin, fiberglass or plastic helmet.
thats true it probobly would be hot, but I'm wanting the most durabl helmet I can possobly get. I would try and make a plastic or resin helmet but I don't have the facilitys to do so. As for buying one my budgets a little on the slim side so buying is out of the question. The idea to use metal came from the avalability of quite abit of it lying around and I'm making the rest in metal.
Thanks man, thats a lot better than just pictures now I can under stand it. I'm learning German, but I'm not that far along. ;) I'll see what I can come up with. I'll probably do a WIP soon of my helmet and maby my armor too. Thanks Guys. :cheers
J+B Weld is a good "Glue" for Metal. But you will need a lot of tubes for a whole Helmet ;-)

I would recommend you some solid connections at the most critical points. Either by soliding or welding or by simply with some bolts/screws.
Yeah, I have heard of J+B Weld but I haven't used it personaly. Also I don't know exactly where to get it, I probably could find it but I'm not sure where to find it. It would be better for me if I could get it at a normal store like Walmart for example instead of online. Ofcourse Walmart is not a normal store ;) (no offense to anyone intended).
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