any glove templates??


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I'm lookin for some ESB gloves, willing to make them myself if there are any good templates here??? that would be very welcome
They wouldn't be too terribly hard to make. If I had some really good photos I could make up a pattern. I also found this site: Talking about glove construction for gloves for historical enactment, but honestly, any good glove information is good.

Someone's sister was making gloves for Boba, but I can't remember who, and for what movie, but I do remember they were lovely. It was here in DH. :)
(Ok, 16 was a *slight* exageration...but it is starting to look like someone has spent some down time on Kamino....cough,cough,CHRIS,cough.)
As to not hijack the thread further, he has pics in the link and prices as well. They are great, nice and long, and tuck in your gauntlets.
thnx guys:)

butnce im gonna have to buy some oter fett parts first I;ll stick to my workin gloves...E 2, 50... not accurate but can't beat teh price of that

note: this is my prototype suit, the overall was done this weekend, so the sleeves are longer and its a one colour navy blue scheme. (also note teh dark blue side pockets, now in one colour with the rest of the suit.)

DSCN1254 50% 50%.jpg
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