Jet Pack ANOVOS Boba Fett Rocket Pack

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I can’t tell you how excited I am about this piece. I remember, years and years ago, when someone at The Dented Helmet obtained ONE generalized measurement from an original pack and how their replica was touted as the “PERFECT” pack due to that single measurement… and here we are, almost a decade later with a pack from ANOVOS that came directly from a 3D scan (thousands and thousands of very precise measurements... thanks, technology!) of the most well-known original pack (no… not the ESB.. stop it). This pack had MINIMAL cleanup meaning much of the original asymmetry and wonkiness still exist in it and is, without a doubt, as close as any of us fans are ever going to come to owning an original. Not only is the pack fantastic, but this is one of the, if not THE most precise paint job of the SE pack we have seen to date (no, I didn’t paint it)! Thanks to the opportunities afforded by ANOVOS (and one private collector), I have researched 9 original packs in person, likely more than anyone I know outside Skywalker Ranch, and after all that study, I can tell you with extreme confidence, if you want THE pack… this is the one to get.

Anovos Boba Fett Rocket 01.jpg
Anovos Boba Fett Rocket 02.jpg
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Anovos Boba Fett Rocket 04.jpg

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I asked this over on RPF as well, but is this "SE" pack the one that was used as the ROTJ hero pack as far as the paint job is concerned?
The SE pack is indeed the most prominent of the ROTJ packs. Lots of chips and damage occurred after ROTJ which gives this pack a very beat up look, but a look that is seen more frequently.

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Dana was kind enough to take this pics for me, but he didn't take any of the back. I am sure once ANOVOS offers this up, they will post plenty of studio shots.
I meant to snag a pic of the back! But I was too deep in talking Fett! The back looks like actual prop having an access panel and the section for the connections or switch in the case of this pack.


Is there a difference in shape & form to the ESB pack?
If you repainted it in esb colours, would it it bang-on screen accurate ?
Looks very cool