Another cardboard boba bucket

Well after the warm welcome from you guys I don't feel quite as scared to post up a pic of my scratch build as I did.


Just about finished on the dome and about to plonk it in place for a test fit and tweaks. I've been reading the scratch build thread and I am slack jawed at how good they look which is why I snagged the templates <big thanks to Wizardofflight for posting them up> and had a bash at it. I've looked at Honus' thread and his instructable too, not sure what Spackle paste is over here in the UK, so I may have to either use good old body filler or polyfilla I'll do a few tests and see which works best. if it turns out okay I'll sand it smooth and maybe do a latex snap mold for a test mold before producing a final version.

Comments and crits are most welcome, this is the first time making a helmet this way for me and is a learning proccess all the way, though I have made a few other prototype props in particualr an alien versus predator cannon using card before molding.

Thank for looking
I think it looks perfect so far (y)

But then again, I'm not an expert at the great mysteries of the "bucket" shape. Yours truly motivates me to try building one myself someday, though!

I cannot spot any way the pictured parts could possibly be improved, so this wasn't a very constructive post afterall :)

Keep up the good work!
Just a bit of an update, a test fitting of the dome. just stuck together for the moment with sticky tap, but I'll be gluing it on the inside if it's okay.





It's not too bad but ther is a bit of a gap around the top of the helmet and the bottom of the domes when it sits a top it. Not sure if it's supposed to be that way or not. maybe the templates need to be enlarged a tad. But still it's not looking too bad
Thanks. I'm notfilling it yet as I've yet to really find out a replacement over her in the UK for this "spackle paste" thing. I'm not sure polyfilla will cut the mustard. But I'll have a bash later in the week. Making the ear caps right now. More pics as they come:)
Well it sounds a bit like polyfilla, it's used to fill cracks and the like, But I've just finished a second dome, and as I have some polyfilla some isopon p38 and p40 <car body fillers> I'll probably do a few tests before commiting to a full one. Unless anyone can recommend something in the UK. ANyways, it won't be until the middle/end of this week as I've just got a rush editing job come in and needs to be done pronto.


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Nice bucket! You've done a great job. It's likely that the gap between the dome and band will be filled in with your filler compound.

Sniffer mate, thanks :) :cheers

MandalorFett: You're most likely right, just niggled me a bit and I thought I'd made a massive faux pas with the old templates

Thanks for the encouragement guys it makes me want to do as good a job as I can.
Well just a smidge of an update, The dome is all glued and now secured to the lower part of the helm and the cross braces inside them helmet are no longer just two corss pieces I added another two custom braces inside to strengthen it a bit for when I do start the filling and the sanding. Ear caps are about done, the right ones done and about half the left one is done too.


Oh and it fits too :eek: :lol: I take my builds seriously, myself on the other hand, not on your nelly.