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I bought a fiberglass bucket off of ebay member bent10_4. Helmet is obviously recast and quality is not so great.However he was nice and did offer to help with other armor for a decent price. On the other hand The helmet its self cost me a hundred then $35 to ship it from autrailia so for a few more bucks I could've gotten a MS bucket which I plant to do in the future, with all this said the only message I'm trying to get through is that he's not a bad guy so I won't bash him, but don't buy from him.
No problem, the kick I get out of the whole thing is that it came in an empty booze box. Imma post some pics and see if anyone recognizes this bucket, the mandibles on it are fairly wide its got dremel marks all through it and the visor area looks too wide. I'm just gonna do my best and sell it when it's done then buy an MS helmet, It's pretty sad that my rubies bucket is better than this one.
Here's a couple pics, both the same but one with and one without flash

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Altmans isnt to bad of a helmet, its pretty crooked but I've seen worse and at least its a recaste of a mass produced product instead of someones here agian.
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