And disaster strikes...(cracked dome)


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Well, last night I carefully cut out the remainder of my visor. I cleaned all edges up, filed them to a perfect straight edge. I then took some 320# and sanded the entire exterior as there were several botched areas, paint build-up, drips, etc. The entire thing was beautiful.

As I flipped the helmet over in my hands to give it the final
once-over I lost my grip and it fell from my hands. For some odd reason I didn't dive for it (I think it was because I was thinking about how soft the vinyl'll be ok.). It hit my hardwood floor and I immediately heard what I was afraid of.

It cracked and split...its major. It goes from the right side, back edge of the visor across to the right earpiece, then over the eapiece and straight up towards the top of the dome. From what I have read I am lucky. It's a clean break and can be closed perfectlly. Just a matter of getting some superglue and bondo, which I needed anyways.
Just a minor set-back that I had to share...
That is terrible!
It always seems that you will get so far in a project and then something comes along and kicks you where it counts.
At least it isn't the worst case and is definately reparable.
Prymer, I had the EXACT same thing happen to my DP '95 a few years back. I used JB Weld instead of Bondo, and it worked like a charm. Lots of sanding, but after the final paintjob, you couldn't even see the mark.

And I wore it for two more years without incident.
Really no big deal, just take a deep breath and tell yourself this is a fact of life. Besides when you finish it it will be a little bit more special because you will always remember it in years to come.

disaster is droping your solid resin blaster on concrete while in costume, lol ever see boba cuss like a sailor?
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