And another Scratch-Built EE-3 ESB

I wanted to hold off on posting this here until I got her done or at least mostly done. I posted the final pics in the "official" thread, but thought I'd post some of the WIP shots too.

I hadn't planned on making this one until I ended up picking up some of the Molex plugs from Steveday when he had his stash and then said, what the hey! :lol: So I started researching this and scoping out the great info you guys had gathered here and gave her a whirl.

All that's missing now is a little darker coloring in the barrel and frame and the sling.




This has been 1 LONG project to get done, but it's been one hell of a learning experience. I really liked to way the Plexiglas held up.

So, final material list:

Stock - 2x6
Grip- Oak pallet frame
Webley frame- Plexiglass
Barrel- ABS pipe
Scope mounts- Styrene and ABS
Scope mounts- 1x4 pine
Scope- Webley scope with a BSA bell on end.
Stock greeblies- Resin casts from Omega_Man

Here's some of the progress shots....

I used some oak for the grip and a 2x6 for the stock

Here's the stock/ grip frame...

I used 2 layers

The main body, it's 3 layers, with the hammer a separate piece. I heated and shaped a small piece for the thumb spur and glued it to the hammer.







Here was the finished Webley, before the conversion...



Of course, suggestions and critiques are more than welcome.
Thanks for looking. :D
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