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Update 1-12-05
- I recieved my new shipment of vinyl today, and i must say it is even more accurately colored than i had expected. I have been working all day, and i should have some belts ready to ship by the weekend if anyone is interested. They are $65 shipped in the US, and $75 shipped outside the US.

Hey all,

I am back out of retirement, and am now making ammo belts once again. After months of searching, I have found a source for a better, even more accurately colored vinyl. I have also updated the design of my belts to match the movie used belts as closely as possible. I also include the snaps on certain pouches as per the original. I use a velcro closure in the back to make it easy to put on yourself. I can make both the ESB and ROTJ styles, plus most custom colors as well (please inquire). editI have added the link to a pic of my belt a couple posts down. end edit

My price is as always: $65 shipped in the US, $75 elsewhere

I would like to have at least 5 committed before i will start the run.
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I am interested, and my B-day is comin soon. Do you have any pics you could email to me?
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anyone else? you wont find a better price than $65 shipped :)

In fact as a special promotion, if you buy two belts from me, any combination of styles (ESB,ROTJ,custom) I will sell them for $120 shipped.
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Looked at the pic and the belt looks fantastic...
unfortunetly I've exceeded all budgets at the moment and cant order one off you right now buddy...
But I hope that you will be able to do these awesome belts in a couple of months still?

(currently searching for ways to print my own cash...LOL!)
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i will make them until my vinyl supply runs out. but, since you called my belts "fantastic" I will hold one especially for you for when you are ready to buy :).
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