Ammo Belt Material

Hey gang-making my own belt, and I can't seem to find the right kind of leather (seems too thick). I understand the original was vinyl but I want it to hold up for trooping. Any ideas on how to make your own belt? I have the ammo packs. Anyone that's made their own belt, please chime in. thanks!

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not personally....but like womens purses are made of fake leather and last for some time....but if you get tooling lether (that's what you find at tandy and such for belts and such) its going to be too thick. IMO getting one made by woodman will save you time and far as the time and effort of figuring out what material works and such and the tools to build the blocks and such.... if you don't have the process down.... Id just do the stuff you can do while the pros who have their thing down do the stuff you don't do....and that way theres no trial and error or material wasted etc