Am I DAFT to try it?


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Hey hey guys, long time no post :D Been so busy lately with collage and trying to get into UNI, fingers crossed tho lol, so havant been on here much. But I have been up to something..........

Some of you may not know this, but halloween is pretty close :) Im still slowly working away at my fett, the JP is so close to being finished but thats for a different thread. Well my fetts not finished and even if it was I wouldnt dare wear it to a party. So I have a party on Thursday, and low and behold my mates decide on monday that we should dress up for it, and I really dont fancey renting or buying a cosie from a shop (funnily enough the costume shop by me put a storm trooper costume up in the window, walked up to it, saw it was a rubies, turned away :lol: )

So searching around for something to do, I found Daft punk ( see where the title of the thread comes in, clever aint it lol) The Guy helmet was out of the question, I have access to an awesome vac form machine which I could have used, but im in half term, so Thomas it was. I had at most, 4 days to build this thing, so here it is.....
So I found a pepakura file that i modified for my needs, (dont laugh to hard at it, pep is hard lol) I resined and fiberglassed this.


I managed to get hold of a helmet, it was the wrong shape but i wasnt goin for super accuracey, an a little dremel work fixed the back of the helmet. I then went about of fiberglassing the pep to the helmet and cutting out the visor.




Next up is the stuff that I feel more comfortable using, filler :D Slapping the stuff all over the lid, and painfully sanding it all down to a smooth surface.




The main problem I was having was trying to get it all even and symetrical, but im pleased with what I did in the time I had.



I then threw some primer on it to help fix any low spots and to some minor imperfection fixes.


I then measured out the mouth and noise openings, pretty much eyeing where I thought they should be. And I forgot to take a picture of them cut out :oops:


So now comes tonight, I dont even have a set of ears for it, cue massive scrambling around for something to use. What I found isnt even remotely accurate, but I felt it would do the job for the party while still looking good and resembling Thomas.
Ta Daaaaaaaaaaa


Again not accurate I no, but time is not on my side, an I think the indents on the lids look kinda funky :D So, with a heap of body filler, I attatched them to the helmet.



So after a little sand, followed by some tedious wet sanding and a coat of primer, here is where im at,




Ive still got a few little spots to fill aswell as sharpen some details in the visor opening. So, im hoping that the perspex and window tint arrive by tommorow so I can mount the visor, I have also ordered an led belt buckle to use as the display behing the glass, but i dont think i will get it in time. SO for 3 days work, what do you think?
I know that its not accurate and there are some symetry issues, but im pretty happy with it and think it sorta looks like thomas. Hopefully the stuff arrives tommorow, and I can finish it up and put some paint on it and post some pics, The party starts at 7 so im cutting it real close with this lol.
Any comments and criqs welcome :D
Cheers guys, nice to be back aswell,