Aluminum shoulder studs


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I have some sets up for grabs....

Thanks for looking,

I can add more slots if needed.

1. TK172.....PAID
2. bobamaker.....PAID
3. bobamaker.....PAID
4. TK-2177.....PAID
5. CenteroftheMind.....PAID
6. CMAnavy..... PAID
7. SaxeCoburg.....PAID
8.Galactic Bounty Hunter.....PAID
9. tk2647.....PAID
10. rmschneider104.....PAID
11. crazy4BobaFett.....PAID
12. Tension113.....PAID
13. SlaveR5.....PAID
14. stonerook.....PAID



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Put me on the list!:cheers When do you need payment?
(I'm still interested in the alum. rocket also(y))

When I'm ready to put in the order, if you haven't paid by then, I'll PM you (y). I'm only holding the order open for two weeks.

(The rocket, let me know)
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