aluminum mando


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anyone have any suggestions as to how ishould go about making my gauntlets? i've considered casting, throwing a chunk of aluminum on the milling machine, and welding bits and pieces of sheet together and filling in the hollow spots with bondo...

as for the dome of the helmet... i'm thinking either making a wooden mold and forming sheet aluminum over it via the lathe or making a negative cement mold and blasting it with dynamite, my dad swears this can be done.... i'll probably take this up to alpena and do it, anyone want to watch? lol

the jet pack... i havent even considered how to pull it off

but i have absolutle nothing other than wizards templates to go by... i have no idea how to measure the dome so it fits correctly... please help?


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Ergm... Good luck? :) I've never had any luck with the mills or lathe before... but I don't read instructions and just start pushing buttons :D

Good luck with your project!! Everything is possible :)


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im gonna try blasting the helmet... just so i can explode something... i'll post pics... better yet... i'll youtube it...