MachineCraft Aluminum Helmet Ears - FPH2

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MachineCraft FPH2 Helmet Ears
- Includes the following pieces:
1. Left Ear
2. Lower-right Ear
3. Upper-right Ear Cap (Inner)
4. Upper-right Ear Cap (Outer)
5. Hollow Rangefinder Stalk
6. Custom Brass Pivot Screw
7. Attachment Hardware Kit
- Design mimics the real screen-used ears
- CNC Machined from T6061 Aluminum
- Does NOT include Helmet or Honeywell Micro Switch
- Ears are raw machined and unpainted, and will require surface prep before painting
- Made in the USA

IMG_6100.JPG IMG_6614.JPG IMG_6615.JPG IMG_6568.JPG IMG_6455.JPG IMG_6258.jpg IMG_6242.jpg IMG_6254.jpg

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