Aluminum Helemt Casting Process -A real Hand-Schaub!

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A lot of people ask me how my Fett helmet was cast in Aluminum. Well, for starters I work at a comercial foundry so that helps :) But all the work you see in this thread was done primarily by me. I'm very proud of my newly sculpted and cast helmet at this thread:
but I have pictures of The helmet I cast several months ago. (the Deluxe - which I only made one of)

Each one is hand cast in wax from a mold (the new sculpted helmet was molded and cast the same as this one)

- then cleaned and gated (this is where modifications for Jango or Boba come in).

a silicate waste mold is formed over the gated wax

then the wax is melted out (holes are drilled to relieve preasure on the shell)

The holes are patched up and the shell is checked for leaks and painted with this stuff to make the shell stronger (we did a bit of an overkill on this one. It is placed in the kiln to reheat the now hollow shell

Here is the furnace where the metal is melted. We are heating up aluminum cutoffs before putting it in the pot.

This is me getting ready to pour the metal (it's about 120 degrees in the foundry)

pulling the pot out of the furnace

the shell is removed from the kiln and racked close to the furnace

Here I am actually pouring the metal into the rangefinder

a view inside the cup with the still liquid metal inside the shell

after the metal solidifies, we can break the shell and start the clean up process (cutting off the gates and grinding away all the imperfections)

The final result of the Deluxe casting:

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Unreal man, what a rush to actually forge your own real armor!!!!!!!!! :angry I've worked with pouring Bronze and its not the easiest to work with especially the clean up!! Beautiful work man, make us proud! (y)
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Words escape me . . . I'm simply in awe. Incredible work.

Makes me feel like a chump for BUYING my stuff! :)

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Awesome work. And to think that there were those who said it couldn't (or wouldn't) be done.
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That was great. I really like the pictures of the process. They allow you to appreciate the work that went into the process.
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Hand Schaub

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I'm glad that you are all enjoying the process. It's a great combination of work, art and this great hobby that has infected us :)
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Totally outstanding man! What is the overall time of the entire process?
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