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So I was talking to the guy at my local hobby shop about a servo in the helmet. He showed me one and they look kind of bulky and stick out some.

He suggested instead of a servo, I could use a two way R/C motor with a pulley and rubber belt setup ( I don't know what that is exactly). It would be lighter, smaller, and cheaper.

Any thoughts on this?
Also, how is the servo connected to the stalk. I did a search and I only found one setup where the servo gear goes inside the stalk, where it has ridges for it to fit. I can't do this because I'm going to have wires coming out of my hollow stalk for a battery.

Again, any help would be appreciated.
I think there's a tutorial around here somewhere where someone used one of those small RC cars and put the remote in their gauntlet. Think they might have been using a hollow stalk for theirs for the lights in the rangefinder. not sure I'll look to see if I can find it.
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