Almost ready to start painting!!!


Got my final costume concept finalized and the paints bought yesterday. I am planning on finishing the engraving work this week if possible and start the painting by the end of the week. The tunic is leather made to look like alligator hide.

That's a blaster in his hand.. Looks like it's going to be a great looking custom Mando.
Hmmm... that pose. I have seen that before...
Hey.. That's my pose. :lol: ;)


The official custom Mando pose. 8)


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I was wondering when you would notice the pose. I needed a light armored mando to get the portions right. Hope you don't mind:D

It is a blaster in his hand but he carries a light saber on his belt. Here is a link to the bio of my character. His name is Darian Ordo, descendant of Canderous Ordo and heir to the Helm of Mandalore. He is a Jedi hunter based in the post ROTS/pre ANH Jedi purge.
Got the engraving done on Monday and am ready to start the painting.

Here is all the pics I did engraving on.

The Neck says "Death before dishonor"
The Chest plate has my name "Tack"
The Right Gauntlet: "Clan Ordo
and the Right Bell: The Mando Skull.

All but the bell will be painted blood read and the writing in black. The Bell will be black with a blood red skull.

this has downloadable fonts of quite a few Star Wars languages including Basic, Imperial, Trade Federation as well as Mando. You can down load them onto your computer and type everything out on your word processing program. I did not know that until I had hand drawn the characters.
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