Discussion in 'Cargo Hold' started by MinuteFett, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. MinuteFett

    MinuteFett Jr Member

    BUMP. REDUCED TO 450!!!
  2. FlyingFett

    FlyingFett New Member

    Anything left?
  3. MinuteFett

    MinuteFett Jr Member

    All I’ve got left is the bobamaker esb armor for 430$.
  4. MinuteFett

    MinuteFett Jr Member

  5. Jimbo Fett

    Jimbo Fett New Member

    Could you post a pic of the armor again? Sorry, a little confused by all the pictures in the original post. Thanks!
  6. gustavohm

    gustavohm New Member

    Pm sent
  7. Dain117

    Dain117 New Member

    Do you still have them?
  8. Unlimitedfett

    Unlimitedfett New Member

    Interested in the gloves and jet pack. How much are you asking for them?

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