All Iron Man Pep Files [DOWNLOAD]


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If this is in wrong category then move to right place. Sorry i'm new and here to help those in trouble finding these files.

Okay It took me a while to get these files and I'm posting this to make it easier for others to get. I don't take any credit for these files.

Mark III - LD
Not sure who to give credits too on this
Uppit: UppIT - Free File hosting -
Media Fire:

Mark III - HD

Uppit: UppIT - Free File hosting - Mark III



Mark IV and VI - HD (only difference between these 2 are the chest pieces)
Credits to Robo3687 for the files thank you.
Uppit: UppIT - Free File hosting -

War Machine - HD

Credits too Dubean33
Uppit: UppIT - Free File hosting - War

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I do believe this is posted in wrong place, i believe they have a sister site called Replica prop forums you may want to re-post this over there. But do have to say Thanks for all the hard work.


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You need to download a pepakura file viewer. its free online and you can view all of the pieces needed to assemble a suit out of paper. hope it helps