Alclad aluminum paint for silver layer?


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Does anyone have any experience with the Alclad aluminum airbrush finish? Looks really metallic from the pics, but I don't ever see it mentioned here. Folks at the company say it will take paint over it once cured. Probably gonna get an ounce or two and perform some testing of it to see....
I'm preparing to paint a lid and am just in the paint gathering phase currently.

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Havent tried it yet, but i did want to try it out on some things, looks like you may beat me too it though! Let us know what you discover!


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Will update this thread with information on it. Just ordered a couple of bottles. This will let me do some tests on color and adhesion properties.
Person at Alclad said the aluminum should be sprayed over gray primer, so no big shocker there.


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It has to be sprayed over a gloss black base coat. The surface has to be ultra smooth before the black. The gloss surface is key to the development of the mirror finish of the Alclad. I used it for my Commander Gree. It also needs a quality sealer over the top to keep it from being scratched. There are lots of other great silver/chrome paints I'd use other than the Alclad. It's ideally for a mirror finish chrome application and the amount of prep work needed is alot only to cover it all up. The silver on the helmet isn't really mirror finish.

I only painted just beyond the edges of the sections that are polished on my Gree. The sections are big areas but the silver is all over the Fett lid. I sealed my Alclad and it still has scratches through to the black. I did my Gree several years ago and would use something different now.

Hope this insight helps.


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Thanks Woody! The paint I ordered from them was the aluminum finish, not the chrome. The Alclad employee I spoke with advised the gloss black under the chrome, but recommended flat grey under the aluminum paint. Im going to do some tests on it prior to use, so we'll see how it looks and holds up. I hate assuming, but it should hold up well if sprayed over a good clean primer.
Havent seen a silver out there lately that really blows me away. Was gonna use the Humbrol #11, but seems their formula has changed. Floquils are pretty much becoming the stuff of legend, so I figured I'd try something else and give some feedback....of course it could be bad feedback, but nonetheless it's feedback for anyone curious.
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What were you planning to use it on? SpideyFett used it on the Sideshow life size fett prototype....for the ali parts like the knee darts and such....I wouldn't use it as a base layer for Boba as it isn't an accurate paint....but that's just me. Humbrol silver is the way to go for accuracy sake as Ponte and Jayvee would tell you


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Awesome! Thanks TF! That'll be the formula I try. I'll use the two bottles I bought on my Jango lid that I had to repair the cold cast layer....