General Advice on ESB Boba Costume?


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Hey everyone this is my first ever post in any forum so this is all a little new to me! I’m looking for any advice on finding a way to get a 501st accurate boba costume. I’m not very skilled at building or painting things so I was hoping I could find some skilled labor to make and paint the parts to my size. I would love to know what reliable sellers to go throught for pre-built and pre-painted parts. My budget is around 6-7 thousand dollars. Any help is appreciated for this noob!


Hey man! I’d start out by going to the cargo hold and checking out the listing there such as WastedFetts, or MinuteFett also makes kits too. For soft I’d say check out Arkady and darth voorhees (7CS) makes jetpack too if you don’t get one from WastedFett. Not to sure for painters sense I went the route of doing my own but I believe the member FamousFett does commissions from time to time for ESB.

Good Luck!


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Hello and welcome
Sometimes you may strike lucky and find somebody selling a complete personal kit , other than that there are vendors like the ones named above but you mite also consider established makers like bobamaker and RS prop masters please be aware tho these guys can have long completion dates. If all else fails building your self is a great option and makes the build a more personal project.
Good luck and enjoy the hunt