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There are other threads about adding dents to armor, but was curious if anyone had a successful experience when the armor is already painted.
My back plate is missing the dent on the right side. Armor is plastic and apparently needs the dent for approval.
The costume was approved a year ago (with the previous owner, at the notorious level)...but apparently now it's not approved at I really don't want to screw this up.
Any success stories or advice on adding the back plate dent...I'm aware of how to do it,
Heat it ,but just curious on any tips or tricks


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I have done this. Yes, I just heated it up slowly from the underside with a head gun added the dent with applying gentle pressure. You have to be super careful though. Good luck


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Like SUTT4869 I too added the dent. Actually my dent was in the wrong spot. So I pushed one out to make it as smooth as I could get it, then added the dent where it is supposed to be.

I heated the back of the armor slowly with a grill lighter (I would definitely use a heat gun or blow dryer if I ever had to do this again) and used the handle of a screwdriver to depress the armor. Go slow, and the paint should hold up fine!


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Wow...I don't know what I was thinking...thanks for the advice guys...inwas gonna heat it from the painted side...and place a wood block under it with a hole in it to push the dent into...
Much prefer underneath...thanks!
I will post before and after as I do it


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Well...I forgot the before pic...but it is a work in progress


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