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on the acrylic wash, is the wash supposed to dry and use the mister to water down dark spots, i tried this several times with several brand of paint with no difference. anyone have more detailed instructions?? :confused
I don't really figure the question...watering down an acryllic wash using a misting technique?

wash spots kind of blend in with the base colour when you put a mist layer over the entire subject your painting... that's about all I can think of...
Wash supposed to dry??? No, that's why its called a wash. Its wet.

You mix a bit of black acrylic into some window cleaner or windshield washer fluid. Make sure its mixed well and then take a paper towel or sponge and soak some of it up, then take and rub it over the piece. Be sure to have a dry towel handy to wipe off the extra drips. Do this lightly until you're comfortable with the dirty appearance that starts to appear. The purpose of the window cleaner over water is that it drys a lot faster due to the alcohol evaporating.
Yes listen to Webchief - he knows the way.

The misting is suppose to be for blending any streaks/drips after it has dried if you didn't catch them as Webchief described. If needed, mist the helmet and lightly rub the streak/drip out and blend with the rest of the helmet.

Note the whole process is better if you add multiple layers instead of trying to add in one or two large applications. Ultimately you end up with a more even appearance.

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No no, you didn't even realize it! Thw "WC" to our european friends is the Crapper! (or water closet as its better known) I got a good chuckle out of that myself! :D

I know the way Don Bies demonstrated acrylic paint weathering to the r2 builders at C3 was to apply a good amount of paint ( mostly in browns, light and dark, very sparingly black) with a brush or rag. then dab and wipe the paint around with a cloth to get patterns and spread it. Then he would mist it and wipe the surface some more. Almost all the paint originally applied is wiped off, but the end result is awesome looking.

I know its R2 and not fett, but hopefully these couple pics of Don giving a demonstration will help illustrate what I'm saying.
Don Bies R2 weathering demo
Couple pics on this page and more on the next.
:lol: Now I get it - I got a good laugh myself after you explained.

I always like to be the Butt of jokes (sorry for the obvious pun) ;)

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Another good way of using acrylic paint wash it to use a a spray bottle, using kitchen towel or similiar to dab of excess. using acrylic paint and plain old water works well also.
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