A quick question about Fett's Bucket Dimensions


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I'm in the process of making my lid, and I was looking up dimensions/measurements etc. Something very odd made itself apparent to me: it looks as if his mandibles are asymmetrical? One is slightly higher than the other. Or is it? Arrgh! TBH, I may just do them symmetrical otherwise it'll drive me crazy! I was just hoping one of you far more knowledgeable lot could shed some light!


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They are not equal in size and are slightly tilted to the right at the bottom (as you wear the helmet). Left mandible 146mm long and the right one is 144mm long. The distance between the mandibles is around 47mm. The left mandible sits at 18mm to the brow, while the right mandible is at 20mm. At the end of the 1st post you can find lots of a bit outdated, but useful measurements ==> Rafal Works Helmet (RWH) v2 Helmet Templates and Build.