A new mandalorian WIP...


New Hunter
Well here goes my first cosplay build! The plan is to try and come up with a somewhat original Mandalorian costume. Here’s the progress I’ve made over the weekend.

Started with a PLA print of a helmet, which came out a little rough, but some Bondo and filler primer took care of that. After fiberglassing the interior for added strength, I layed down a coat of “hammered steel”, which is a Rustoleom aerosol spray. Trying to give this plastic a “forged” look. So a few light top coats of the final colors should still show an uneven texture across the entire helmet. I have, what I hope is, a cool idea for distressing the helmet, we’ll see how that goes over the next few days, and I’ll post updated pics as I go along. Also included a picture of the interior padding I found available from a seller here on TDH!

I got my half gauntlets printed today, so I’ll start on those with a matching paint job. Hope to have my chest armor and shoulder pads printed this week as well.

I’ve got my color scheme worked out, still working out the rest of the costume though... I know I’ll be incorporating a nice coyote pelt I have into the cape. I’m also going to start on building a converted/modified Death Trooper blaster for my characters main weapon. I also have a DL-44 blaster that I will modify for a sidearm.

I’ll keep updates as I progress, here’s hoping it turns out halfway decent... ‍♂️


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