A find for those scratchbuilding toe spikes


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Well at lunch today I had some extra tme so I stopped in a Dollar Tree to look around and lose some time.

I bought a glue gun and some glue sticks and before I checked out I started looking at the tip of it. I went back and grabbed another one then took it apart when I got home.

The glue tip is something (with a little work) that could be used if you are scratchbuilding a set of toe spikes.

Here is the actual glue gun...

And here is a pic of the tip that comes out of it...


Here is where the wiring goes to...


Its pretty light overall so I'm sure that a little time with a Dremel could have all the unecessary bits ground off, then take some fine sandpaper to it and you have a spike. Best of all only a dollar per glue gun, so 4 bucks for your spikes. And they, of course, already have the small hole in the end of the spike.

If I get some free time I will work on this one and let everybody see how it comes out!


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I think you might be on to something. I was just staring at the Rocket Dart Launchers and that (minus the hex end) looks right along those lines, and it does have a hole down the center.
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I actually tried this, the dremmel part is really easy, the part that killed it was trying to attach the apike to the metal plate, there's just not enough area on the spike to get anykind of succesful grip onto the plate, it held for all of 5 seconds before natural jarring caused it to give hold. If the hollow area could somehow be filled and used to create more bonding space, then maybe...


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Nice find! I'd probably fill the thing with JB Weld or so and have a screw go into the back of it through an aluminum plate. Have you completed a set of toe spikes with this method yet?


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Actually I never even got around to trying it. I had already made my spikes out of aluminum roundbar ground down on my belt sander ala bobamaker. I just thought when I saw these that I would spring for the dollar and see if it could be useful to my peeps here at TDH.


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Wow! Those came out even better than I thought they would! Great work mrgr8ness!!!!!

Get to crackin' on those inexpensive toe spikes everybody!(y)


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yeah but, there are always complaints, which is why I stopped selling my in expensive toespikes. They were too easy too repair and don't cost a small fortune. And ... mine still work after a year. great looking spikes btw ca't wait to see then on a pair of boots and weathered up
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Thanks for sharing your idea drokkul!
No problem! This community has been about sharing info ever since I first logged in and hopefully will always remain that way.

This wonderful board has given me so much and I really just hope in my tenure here to give a few things back as well!(y)


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Thanks for the idea drokkul. Thats what makes this community great, everyone is willing to help out when they can. Here are some finished spikes mounted on boots. Still working on the other one-






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Sorry to ressurect my own thread, but I actually never saw the finished product mrgr8ness came up with. I guess this might also be a helpful bump for some newcomers since they came out so well for him!


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Here are my Evo boots with my glue gun tip toespikes. I made these using a mix of this tutorial and Bobamakers. Took me a very long time to finally finish these but I'm happy how they came out.