Boushh A Boushh for my wife


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Hi there!
I've been keeping an eye on these threads for a while now, as I am making my own costume (an ESB Boba Fett). I was waiting on my Fettpride items before I do a WIP on that.

Anyway, my wife has become interested in starting a Boushh costume (which is awesome). As when I started looking into my Fett build, I really have no idea where to start with this one.

Having read a few threads, I can see some people making helmets through kits, etc. My wife is keen to start with the the helmet.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind trying to locate a helmet kit, if anyone has any info on that?


P.S I'm very new to costume building (Boba Fett is my first ever build) so bear in mind I'm a bit of a novice!


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I hear Sandman on the RPF sells some real quality Boushh helmets. Most people get theirs from him, maybe you should see if you can get a hold of him.


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There's two high-quality options for the helmet as far as I can tell. You either buy a Sandman (Todd Gottfried) or a Clothears. The Sandman is a resin rotocast. This makes the helmet a bit heavier but also enables for great details. The Clothears-helmet is vac-formed. It is lighter and yet a little larger than Todd's. The details aren't quite as sharp (personal opinion of course).

Also: Clothears ships from the UK while Todd is located in the US. Depending on where you are from, this might be a factor as well if you plan on saving on taxes and shipping.


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I have a spare shoulder armor kit that i would let go for $40. Its plastic vac formed. It would take a little work but its a very affordable and quality option. PM me for details and I can also help you with your build.


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Also interested to see how this turns out. I'm making a custom Mando to join up with the Mercs, and my girlfriend has expressed interest in Boushh. Good luck!


Todd's helmet kits are legit. just finished my boushh helmet build today.



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Hey, I've got an awesome Boushh helmet along with the backpack tanks. I'll be more than happy to send as many photos as you wish and a breakdown of all the parts. Has a lot of small details and stuff. I'm at work now, killing time, but once I get home I can send you this stuff. Is there a better or more preferable way you'd like me to send everything if you are interested?


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Hi ZNN1225 thanks for the post! Sorry,
I've been a bit quiet on here, but busy at home!
I ended up buying a helmet kit from Todd, and am in the process of cutting it all out, sanding, and prepping for paint.

Are you wanting to sell everything together? I ask, because we'll be looking for the tanks soon I imagine...

Or do you know where to find them?
Cheers! :)


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Wow, so it's been like 5 years since I've been on here!

Unfortunately I lost a bit of passion for the hobby after losing $1000 to Fettpride for a bunch of stuff I've realised I will never see. But I'll try not to go into that here...

Having some free time during the covid lockdown, I decided to get back into it. Finally managed to finish the helmet, as well as make a start on an ESB Boba Fett helmet. Thanks to Alvomedia for the awesome leather kit!

(Sorry for resurrecting this after so long!)



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Looks amazing, would love to build a full boussh costume, maybe once I've done my ESB fett lol. How much was the helmet kit? Sorry to hear you lost money to fettpride that sucks. I remember him on here when I built my ROTJ fett many years ago.