8 functionel grey pouches needed for my JODO!!!

Hey all,

so to get brown belts would be not a problem but I would need 8 grey functionel pouches for my JODO. So anyone has some infos who could make them that would be very helpfull.

Greetings Guido
Hey LadySewforus,

no the pouches must be made from leather in the exact style as the Boba Fett leather pouches only in grey leather that´s the hole difference. I also could not say exactly the specific grey but it´s a dark grey.

Greetings Guido


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I did a grey vinyl ammo belt for a member here a while back, but like an idiot, I didn't think to take pics. I though it came out great!
Hey Batninja,

ty very much for your info but I realy would prefer a set of real leather pouches not vinyl sorry.


also ty I will try to contact Robeewankenobe and ask him if he could help me.

Greetings Guido


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German Fett it maybe alittle hard to find a grey leather. If a tandy had one it would be a odd lot leather. I know my old store had grey grament lambskin which will work great for wrapping those functional pouches but they are not long enough to do a strap.


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i would like to know what a set of the dark Grey functional pouches in vinyl would cost or if some one has a link to a Temple for them.
i am trying to teach my self to sew i am going to try with spats first then vest and then belt if i can't afford prices as our $ has dropped out the bottom right now and everything costs us way to much now