For Sale 7CS ESB Fett Helmet run

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I have stopped taking orders for the jetpacks to do these to keep food on the table while business is slow. These are slightly tweaked from the DVH version 3 I did last. I added back the depth on the rear of the helmet I accidentally pulled in during one of the original mods for My DVH V2 version.

this kit will be gelcoat/ fiberglass, and come with an aluminum stalk( made by full metal fett), resin rangefinder, resin ears w/ magnets on the rangefinder side, standard welders shield visor and rubber chin cup.

$250 shipped in the US. Overseas will have an additional shipping charge, please DM me for that cost.

Photos are of my previous version. The only major difference is the rear depth which a little more than a half inch was added.

I will only take orders for 8. Not sure when / if I’ll do more.

PP is

be sure to put “ fett helmet kit” in the notes and your screen name to keep everything g running smooth once I have to ship

turn around is about 3 weeks. These are much simpler to make than the jetpacks so I should be able to do em fairly quickly while casting the last of the jetpack kits.

thanks to anyone interested!

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Just for those of you waiting on jetpacks, I am still filling the current orders, these will have little to no effect on those orders. As I cast the jetpacks, as they are curing up I’ll do a helmet kit, then go back to the jetpacks etc etc.


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Hey Lou, send me a PM when you get a chance. I would like to discuss what we talked about before.

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Anyone else want one of these? They wIll work well for folks with big noggins lol fro t to back is a touch bigger than the usual at just under 11”. Not noticeable when looking at it from outside but will give ya a little room so your nose isn’t smashed against the visor. lol

anywho I’ll let it go to the end of the week, after that I’ll close the thread.

thanks hunters!
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