For Sale 7CS Classic Fett jetpack kits

Lucksy31 - ESB Faded Kill Stripes

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$400 plus shipping

Will ship anywhere in the world

Turn around is estimated at about 4-6 weeks (this can vary depending on my workload at time of order!)

PM me for further details, current wait times, and payment info. This is NOT a run, this is ongoing with varied lead times.
You may be put on a wait list to avoid a big backlog of orders.

Message me with your full physical address so i can get you an accurate shipping quote. When sending payment, be sure to put in the notes what you are ordering, your
screen name, TDH, your e-mail, and have your full physical address included to avoid any delays in shipping.

Kits are Gelcoat/fiberglass with urethane or polyester resin detail parts.
The main body, hatch door(not pictured), are gelcoat/fiberglass.
The thrusters, rocket parts, rocket collar, fuel caps, piano keys, slotted rocket flange, bottom exhaust grille and greeblies will be urethane or polyester resin.
Resin pieces may vary in color depending what resin i have on hand at the time.

Kits weigh approx 5-6 pounds fully built. Weight has a slight variance due to being hand laid fiberglass.

These kits work for ESB, ROTJ, ROTJ SE, Supertrooper, PP1, PP2, PP3, Jango Kamino.

Final pic shows what they can look like finished. I am NOT offering fully finished packs at this time

i can now offer resin/SLA 3D printed rocket or thruster parts for an additional cost. Why would you want to do this? Well the thruster balls come in 2 parts (front and back) that need to be glued together as thats the only way to make then hollow without slush/roto casting them. This gives a more durable part and more consistent weight and strength. Only downside is the seam would have to be filled. A 3D resin/SLA printed one would have no seam. The resin prints are super smooth and only need a high grit once over with sanding and your ready to paint.



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I have a 7CS Jetpack kit and definitely recommend them! I painted it following DV's paint up post and while I'm still waiting for all of my parts to come in, I can't wait to have it all together with this jetpack.

Lucksy31 - ESB Faded Kill Stripes