For Sale 7 Personal ESB-MC's and the 3 ESB-MC Amigos

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Clearing out some room in the office and as a result I'm listing some of my personal helmets. If you'd like to purchase one of these please email us at

** SOLD OUT ** 7 Personal ESB-MC's w/ Metal Ears:
$899 shipped in the US.
These helmets are a combination of having been used for ear fitting and in general helmets I had just planned on doing something with or having painted. This price includes our metal ears and a vintage microswitch. These are in general going to be higher quality helmets than the Paint/Mod Helmets we had listed prior. Example helmets are the front 2 in this picture.


The 3 Amigos (Oldest ESB-MC's in existence w/ Metal Ears): $899 shipped in the US.
These are 3 of the very first ESB-MCs in existence. Why am I calling the 3 Amigos? Because they have been hanging out in the top of my closet pretty much since their creation. These helmets are from the mold that started it all, and were cast by me personally. With that being said, I want to say these helmets are more for the history buffs, and aren't helmets I'd recommend for trooping. They are untrimmed and may be more top-heavy than their newer counterparts, but they will make excellent display pieces and are truly 3 of the first helmets ever made - this will be the rarest ESB-MC available. Price includes our metal ears and a vintage micro switch.


All helmets listed will ship within the next week unless buyer would like to wait until after Christmas rush to ship.
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Lucksy31 - ESB Shoulder Decal