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Hello all! I have been lurking on TDH for years now and it’s always been a dream to troop with the 501st. I’m a little overwhelmed as to where to begin. I think the buy once cry once rule applies here and start with the helmet. What kind of budget am I looking at to do an ESB build? Are there helmet makers that just have stock available or do you need to have the funds ready and strike when the opportunity arises? Any and all advice welcome!!


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If you like having money in your bank account building a fett may not be the best choice of costume . If you do decide to proceed please be aware a half decent fett can cost as much as £3500......just pray the screen accurate bug doesn't strike ....things start to get more expensive and hours / days / months can be see spent on your quest for the found parts . I to this day don't know how much my costume stands me at as I stopped counting at £3500 when I decided to go "all in."......I just hope if I die the Mrs doesn't sell it for the price I told her it cost ........and don't forget your costume will never be truly finished you simply just keep upgrading forever lol
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