3D printable Han In Carbonite control panels (HIC)


Jr Hunter
For those interested I have designed and shared a 3D printable version of the control panels for a Han in Carbonite prop.

I have published it here: Han In Carbonite (HIC) Printable Control Panel Base by AprilStorm - Thingiverse

its by no means perfect and if you would like the original sketchup files to enhance it please let me know.

I made it for our Han in carbonite table here for the Sandhawk Clan in Australia:

April Storm
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New Hunter
Question regarding the 3D files. If the final product is 97% the size of the original. Then is it safe to say the side handles on the hero panels won't fit properly? As well as some other detailed parts?
Sorry for the noob questions. I don't really know much about 3D printing.


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Wow. I have a small printer (the Cube) so I'd have to have these printed. Shapeways?

And anyone know of a source for the Greeblie files?


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Hi all. First of all so sorry to ressurrect this topic, but it seems the autor is inactive since 1 year ago and didn't answer my mail. I have a question that maybe one of you could answer: I see 3 pieces in white, that together makes the panels, and this same parts are made in half that I assume are for more little 3D printers, but, what are the other ones? I guess HollowBase_P3a is for the bottom of the panel, I mean behind it, but anybody knows what is the HollowBase_P3b? It don't seems to be for a little printer as well, 'cause something would be missing.
For finishing my reply, I want to give him so many thanks to him if by a chance he reads this. Thanks all too by your help.


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there are four parts for the HollowBase
HollowBase_P1 (left end)
HollowBase_P3b (rear center wall- short in height)
HollowBase_P3a (front center wall- tall in height)
HollowBase_P2 (right end)



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Better late than never? I’ve started back on my HIC project. I originally bought a decent copy of the Illusive Concepts HIC on eBay. He needed a lot of love to get him up to speed. The side panels where rough molds like the IC one but painted weird colors. I’ve almost got the Hero panel completed.