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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by boydell, Jul 24, 2016.

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    You are off to a good start.

    As one that has modeled the gauntlets & had them 3D printed, you need to make them to fit you. There isn't much flexibility depending on how you design them. I designed mine with a built in hidden hinge & they are designed for my forearms & from what I have read MOW's gauntlets are some of the largest out there & my wrist & forearm openings are quite a bit larger than his. They fit my arms just right. Could say that I have Popeye arms. Scale from known features & study the reference photos & size them for you cause screen accurate sizes may not work for you. But keep the known areas in proportion to whatever you use for the diameters of your wrist & forearm areas. Also take into consideration that you will be wearing a long sleeve & need to account for that. The lower portion can be pretty complex due to it being conical shape.

    I look forward to seeing your progress.
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    I had the gauntlets that I designed 3D printed but there were a few mods that were made to make them Jodo Kast specific, but I do have the base able to print as either ROTJ or ESB Boba Fett. These are designed to fit my arms & with the complexity of the design & print it would be difficult to modify which has made me reluctant to put them up for sale. Everything on them was 3D printed. With structured support & only 1 mm thick. These have held up well with over 25 troops. Even took a overhand swing from a kid at a Make A Wish event square on my right gauntlet & didn't even chip the paint. Light weight & strong.


    Jodo_Kast_LH_Gauntlet_Comparison_Inside_zps440b5afe.jpg Jodo_Kast_RH_Gauntlet_Comparison_Outside_zps007547f8.jpg
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