332nd Clone Helmet





EVO3 animated bucket

Paints used:

Rustoleum 2x Grey Primer

Rustoleum 2x Flat White

Rustoleum 2x Flat Black (aerators, vocoder)

Rustoleum 2x Satin Granite (teeth, ears)

Rustoleum Light Grey Automotive Primer (center of aerator)

Montana Gold Shock Orange

Rustoleum 2x Gloss Winter Grey (weathering)

Rustoleum Gloss Charcoal Grey enamel (vents only)

The MG and the Rustoleum played very nicely together. I did some tests using primer, white, and the MG Orange, including applying the orange over the white and vice versa before either had a chance to cure. There were no reactions between the two paints, so you do not have to go through the expense of using MG for the main section.

1 can of each was more than enough, with the exception of the white. I used 1.5 cans of white on the bucket all in all.
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