2 Stage vs 3 Stage Lights- Which is which?


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Does anyone know which sequence is from ESB and which one is ROTJ? I was told 2 stage was ROTJ. I just want to make sure before ordering my lights. Thanks.
I think I was the one who told you in a PM about the difference. I suggest that you ask first to the person who makes the lights and order according to the "movie" stage of your coic(i.e. ESB style or ROTJ style). I believe there's a thread post around about the light sequence, a little explanation of it and an update. It's in one of the two threads but in an older post. I'll check on this soon and let you know.

By the way, guys, if you're ordering Chest lights from SM and you are in a list, you could contact him directly, I was just trying to update the list for him so it could be easier for him. He's the point of contact from now on. Thanks for the replies everyone...my mission is done now. :)

Yes you were and thanks. :) I did ask SM and he suggested this thread so that anybody else with this question could get the answer as well.
Just wanted to chime in here, so everyone/anyone can see MY opinion on this. As far as which version was in which film, I have no idea. :(

When the circuit was designed, I was asked to program the two sets of characters (seen in either version of the lights). The result was what is now called a 2-stage set. I can't say whether this is screen accurate or not, or which movie it's from, because *I* personally haven't been able to see the lights sequencing. The characters were provided to me/us by other TDH members who spent a LOT of time looking at blown up images and video from the movies. The origin of the 3-stage was just that I didn't like the toggle look (bouncing between 2 sets of characters). Since one stage looked like a deteriorated version of the other stage, I thought a countdown effect would look cool. I programmed one this way, and it reminded me of the wrist comm thing in Predator. Others liked it, and so I gave the option.

Now, in another thread, someone asked which was more screen accurate. I believe the end result was that the 3-stage was considered to be so. As stated above, if one is more accurate to one movie than another ... you'll have to defer to the Fett experts for that one. ;)


Even with the video technology that we now have, it is still not conclusive if there is a blank (third) flash sequence. The carbon chamber is too distorted by steam to tell for sure. Either could be right.
I just heard from the expert himself (Brak's) and he says the ROTJ didn't have any lights. He also suggested the 3 stage. So 3 stage it is. :)
OK, I'll throw out a question. Why didn't the ROTJ suit have lights? Do you (I guess Brak's) mean that there were no slots or anything at all, or just that they didn't install/turn-on the lights?


Brak's told me that they were probably there just not turned on. Or they could have been washed out by the sun. Which is possible in the desert. So Jabba's palace is the only place where you could tell if they were on or not. Maybe a screencap would give us a definitive answer. Not that I don't believe Brak's. :)
I believe there is a pic along Jabba's palace wall where you can see the lights "turned on." However, I believe that is only in a still photograph. I'm not sure the lights were ever "visibly on" in the actual Jedi film, as they were in ESB.

I'll have to check my photos tonight.

Yes, those are not movie stills. There is a similar scene when Boushh has the thermal detonator, but from what I can tell, the lights are not on in that scene. Though video is too unclear to make a definite statement on status of the lights in that scene.
Well, regardless of whether the lights were turned on or off, they are definitely still in the chest armor. So a Jedi suit with the lights on is still completely accurate! :D
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