1st bkbt paint attempt

not as nice as alot of i've see here but it's my first experience with rnb and doing a fett helmet.input would be nice but be gentle :facepalm
thanx,next is the darker blue in the cheek area and some weathering and of course the visor.i definitely have a whole new respect for all the awsome tdh helmets here,let me tell ya.

Jango 5204

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Might want to stick the tape to some clothing prior to putting it on the helmet. That blue tape always pulled off the lighter blue color when I masked off for the darker blue. It helps reduce the stickiness a little. I know this has been suggested before.
thanx guys,i decided to repaint the light blue.i was not happy with the finish.i wet sanded it all again then wet sanded some with 1000grit then 2000.the finish is more glossy and smooth.i should post some pics maybe tommorrow after i sand the blue off my fingers;) to get a nice line between the brow ridge and the rnb'd dome i used pinstripe to get a more even line.bkbt suggested that for curved areas and worked great.

thanx Vince once again(y)


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Looks pretty nice, gives me a warm feeling to see what mine could potentially look like once I'm finished construction and ready to shoot some paint.

Any chance you could suggest where a fellow Ontarian could acquire some rub-n-buff? 8)
i got mine at curry's art supply store.if you can't find any i can ship you a brand new tube .i got lots in case i had to refinish a few times.but it does go a long way.


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Sorry to say guys, but I'm not familiar with either store. :facepalm

So I highly doubt that Ottawa has either a Loomis or a Curries. What we do have is Michaels and Wallacks.


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There is only one maker of Rub N Buff...its hard to miss. It's called Rub n Buff. There's no other brand. The color you want is Silver Leaf.