For Sale 1915 Webley No1 Mark 1 with found parts greeblies for ESB EE3

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Ord Mantell

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I'm selling a stunning 1915 Webley No1 Mark1 in beautiful condition with original finish, never chromed. Serial # 540. Signed by Jeremy Bulloch on inside stock. It comes with a (nearly) complete collection of original found parts greeblies to easily turn it into an authentic, museum quality ESB EE3 straight out of the box. The only elbow grease required will be for painting the greeblies appropriately.

Found Parts (not castings - but original parts as found on the original prop):
- 3 earth plugs
- 1 A.S.I. 4x20 with correct tall feet
- 2 model kit parts for doohickie above trigger (I forgot the names of the parts and the kits they came from, but they are from the original model kits)
- 1 MPP tube
- 4 electrical connectors

kit parts for greeblies of unknown or unestablished (at least when I put all this together) origin:
- 2 pipe fitters/clamps for barrel
- 2 square orange/black pieces for the stock (they do not have the raised design in the center)

you will still need:
- sling
- raised design on inside of square orange/black greeblie on stock

Any questions, please ask. $4800.





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The MPP is a replica, correct?

Are the molex connectors painted or are they molded black plastic?
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