$100 DP95 Fiberglass?


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There was someone listing their DP95 Fiberglass Helms on EBay yesterday but I think it's gone how. The starting bid was like $85.00 with a $125 buy now, and there was a list to their personal site where they were listed for $100.00 for the unfinished Glass flared helm with rangefinder. Anyone know what I'm talking about? They looked nice too but I missed the link.


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I have one of his helmet. I like it. I just need to find time to finish it. He is quick on sending it out to you and he seems like a nice guy.

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Yeah, I saw it too, I'm gonna probably buy one unless I get a better deal.(someone said they saw a better deal, what are you talkin about?)

Jaster Mereel

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A friend over on the RPF was selling his FG DP Deluxe recast for $60, he got it from a friend for $100. So I can gladly say that this was a "better deal" :evil

Pics will be posted shortly -


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HI Yeah that was me on ebay I usually start the bid at 75.00 or a buy it now for 125.00 sometimes a 100.00 depends on what I need for cash that week. My helmets are 95 post re-casts with mods made for rounder dome and wider flare at bottom.These are nice helmets and I usually sell them raw so you have to do the finish work mostly sanding.The casts are clean and not full of pin holes etc.
I know this isnt a good sales pitch for me but if "antrock" has a kit with the lens for 100.00 that is a good deal! I send mine with everything but the t-visor.So if you can get both from him for 100.00 go for it. I have seen pics of his helmet somewhere on here and they look good.Any way thats my 2 cents :)


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Thanks for the compliment...
We put a lot of work into this helmet...
The helmet kits that I sell come fully sanded and primed...I like to make sure there are no problems for the buyers when they are making them...
Glad you all like the helmets....



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Yeah Antrock i like your helmets they are nice. Hey the way i see it is if two people make the same thing and they are both nice then so be it. I hate those people on ebay that feel that they have to slam everyone else product to make theirs look more superior when in actuallity they usually are no better. I call a spade a spade if you got nice product I'll say so even if it means maybe losing a sale becuase after all we are all here for one thing to help each other out right? Keep up the good work!:)-Jason