¿How much money have you spend in your costume?


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How much money have you spend, more or less, in your costume?

My Jango Costume is still in progress and I have spend around 600€ on him.... >_< that hurts...
$494.00 approx. Not counting paint. And all I have thus far:

Ammo Pouches
Scratch Built ee-3 and Scratch Built Zapper sidearm
POS Jumpsuit (grey)

To quote a song ... "I've got a long way to go and a short time to get there..."
tehres a thread thats sticky that has alot of these price lists of alot of members here, you might want to check that one out. It's in th Sarlacc pit I think..
i buy my belt 12,50 euros (1 euro = 1,30 US dollard)
My jumpsuit and my jacket cost me 5 euros + 2,50 for dyeing
My knee armor cost me 0 (fact with parts of recovery)
My armor cost me 10 euros (sintra)
my gauntlet cost me 60 euros
My helmet cost me 45 euros
me and my wife make it at 100 %

the second view is before to tint.
thanks, but i dont make it for money ! i search a Boba Fett's boots in 43 (french size) Caboots ? and leather belt with amo pouch if you have one of them i can make an exchange with you... (i want to see before)
or other.... i dont know.
I m not rich but i dont run behind the money...but it's necessary in life alas !
hey Amon, I think your size (43) works the same as ours (the netherlands).

My Caboots, also shoe size 43 were 9 or 9,5... I'm not exactly sure, but just typ it in on google and it'll roll out.

just something with uh.. "shoe sizes converted" I don't know... just try something, that's how I found myn.. fit perfectly by the way, and it's like walking on air...
well i have a helmet. a gun a vest chest armor & soon to arive a back plate & cod peice. oh and also a ammo belt. soooooo thats about $400 just on the helmet and about 350 for the gun sowow ive almost spent about $850 on mine so far
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