wookie braids

  1. JReevy

    Vest Flak Vest prep & wookie braid attachment method

    I thought I would share how I prepped my vest and attached the wookie braids - pictured is a BatNinja vest. The initial steps aren't captured in photos, but here is what I did to prep: I put the vest on a mannequin and placed my collar/backplate armor where I want it to rest and then with a...
  2. Fatbed

    Wookie braids

    gday all, I've recently got a set of braids from Woodman for a mandalorian protector I'm making. I've a question about the braids, I've read that people use fishing line or fine wire to attach, what I'm wondering is how are they looped over shoulder....are they looped some they resemble a number...
  3. fetfetishlad

    Boba Fett accurate ROTJ Wookie Braids needed

    Boba Fett accurate ROTJ Wookie Braids needed as part of an upgrade, must post to the UK. Braids need to be threaded with the 4x correct colours of waxed cotton thread etc. Real Horse hair preferred if possible.